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Roulette is a game with a huge name: most casino lovers have tried the game at least once because it’s not only a legit way to win a fortune but also a great source of entertainment and joy. The game is perfect for gamblers who dislike the idea of relying only on their luck but also want to use their skills and knowledge to win: though most gambling games are random and unpredictable from A to Z, Roulette offers more chances to those gamblers who have potential and aspiration to learn more. Therefore, many gamblers all over the world are interested in how to win at roulette and to be a great gambler.

The creation of the best Roulette strategy was just a matter of time: the game has a few centuries of history and it’s still as popular as it was before. Roulette is hard to play outside casinos (unless you play it online), so the game has a strong elite vibe that attracts even more potential players. Many people start playing Roulette not only because it’s potentially profitable and entertaining but also because it reminds them of beautiful movies where rich and well-dressed men accompanied by beautiful noir women enjoy themselves and win huge figures. The only detail that can repel some potential players is the requirement that you should learn the rules and some Roulette tips before visiting a real casino: some gamblers are convinced that the game is too hard for them to master and it’s not even worth trying. But it’s not too complicated: there are a few outstanding Roulette strategies that can become your chance to become rich and change your life forever – you just have to find the perfect Roulette strategy that suits you well and practise to become really good at it!

Things you should remember about the game

For most people who aren’t interested in casino games, gambling is often seen as just an addictive and potentially dangerous way of wasting a lot of money. It happens mostly because of some players who don’t have a responsible approach to gambling and have addictive personalities: the dream of becoming ultra-rich overnight can become a real obsession for some gamblers. At the same time, a reasonable attitude towards gambling can turn this activity into a great source of fun and pleasure: these people who occasionally play Roulette and win usually see this game more as a pastime activity than a source of income. A player who isn’t concentrated on making money and prefers to enjoy the game and its special atmosphere can achieve more: like most elite kinds of entertainment, this game isn’t free but it sometimes can be extremely rewarding for those who know how to play it right.

Though there are lots of Roulette strategies that can noticeably improve your chances to succeed, no strategy can guarantee you win any money. Casinos don’t like their customers winning too often: if every person who’s read the article online could beat the game, then casinos would have lost a lot of money. Therefore, all the Roulette strategies can only be used as boosters but not ultimate decisions on how to suddenly become rich overnight. Nowadays, there are a few methods that are considered to be the most effective: they are based on effective betting that can make your gambling wiser and more profitable. To minimise your failures, you should get acquainted with them to find the most convenient gambling Roulette strategy that works for you.

There are a few crucial factors that can influence your gambling experience a lot:

  • Betting. Whether you play online or offline, there are many betting options available for bettors. Numbers usually start from 10$ and can sometimes be as high as 60,000$ – a bet that big is not an option for everyone, of course. The more you bet, the more you win – or lose, in case it’s not your lucky day. Most gamblers recommend not to take too much money with you: it can increase the risk of becoming overly excited that can result in wasting all money you have. You shouldn’t take your credit card with you too: even those people who are convinced they don’t have addictive personalities can sometimes spend too much;
  • Nowadays there are a few kinds of Roulette you can play: for instance, there are casinos where you can play both casual and American version which has additional 00 numbers. Also, the house edge can be diverse: this might be a bit confusing from the beginning but it also allows everyone to choose the best version to play;
  • Read more about the possible payouts in advance. Even if you play the special kind of Roulette that has 37 numbers, you should still rely on 35 to 1.

Nowadays players can choose from a few different Roulette strategies to play – some of them have variations but their principals can be clearly divided into a few distinctive groups. To understand what Roulette strategy you should pick, you should understand what type of player you are. For instance, these strategies are recommended for new players who want just to try their luck for the first time:

  • Famous d’Alembert Roulette betting strategy;
  • Fibonacci Strategy;
  • Paroli Roulette strategy.

Gamblers who feel pretty confident about themselves and prefer to play as highrollers can try these systems:

  • Martingale Roulette system;
  • Labouchere Strategy.

Highrollers are the gamblers who know what real risk is and are ready to take it: these gamblers are aware of how much they can lose but they also know how much they can win. It’s not a good idea for a newcomer to play as an experienced gambler: there are lots of features and details that can be understood only after a player spends enough time gambling to see and feel lots of details the game might have. Random chances of gambling don’t allow everyone to win regardless of what great players they are: only those who understand that any hand can be potentially lost can become real professionals.

Let’s have a closer look at these Roulette strategies:

  • The D’Alembert strategy is a perfect decision for newcomers who aren’t into doubling their bets: though doubling can increase your possible winnings, it can also lead to bigger disappointment. When a player fails, he\she should add +1 to their bet and when they succeed, they should decrease it by one. Gamblers who choose this system also often use the rule of thumb to understand when it’s enough for them: when you are satisfied with the figure you won or when you succeed more often than you fail, it’s time to finish playing;
  • Have you ever heard of Fibonacci? He was a famous mathematician who created the sequence named after him: the row of numbers you may remember from school. The design of the sequence is that the next number is the sum of two numbers before, and that’s exactly what you need to try. Implement even-number bets, play the game until you succeed, then increase your bet by one, and when you win one more time, increase it by two. If you fail, then it’s time to slide down to the min and to start playing from the beginning;
  • The Paroli Roulette strategy is believed to be one of the less risky: you only need to multiply your stake by 2 every time you guess right. Of course, it can’t be done forever: if you’re lucky enough to have three guesses being correct in a row, then go back to the beginning of the sequence and start once again. In general, this is one of the safest Roulette strategies: if everything goes right, you can cover your losses with a few decent winnings. That’s why many newcomers choose to play without high risks.

In case you’re an adventurous person who knows that no big winnings come without big risks taken, there are a few other options available for you:

  • One of the most popular ways to play Roulette to win is the Martingale method: just like many keen players are, the method is pretty optimistic and relies on the idea that every player wins occasionally. When you lose, you should double the bet: though it might sound ridiculous for some players, it actually has an explanation: when you succeed, the money should be enough to cover your failures – or it can even be much more than that. Of course, the method can be a bit too risky for newcomers: it’s strongly recommended for them to choose tables with minimum bets to practise because it can decrease their potential losses. This system has a few variations named Grand Martingale and Reverse Martingale methods. In the first case, you are expected to double your bet after you win but you should also multiply your original stake to that number. Just like in a casual Martingale system, your winning can bring you a lot of money. The second variation consists of doubling your stake after you win the game: it can be a less harmful and safer option for most players. In the casual Martingale system, you can waste a lot of money before you actually get a prize, but in the reversed one you can be more reasonable with your bets;
  • The Labouchere system requires you to have a few calculations to succeed: a player should divide a goal winning number into 6 smaller numbers and work with them. Take the 1st and the last one of the row and summarize: bet the result. If you succeed, then cross these used numbers from your row and repeat, if not – then add the number to the list and try again by summarizing the last digit of the line to your initial bet. You can also try the reverse Labouchere method: when the bet you’ve created from the first and the last numbers of the sequence lose, you can remove them from the sequence, but when the total number wins, then you add it to the sequence.

If you want more Roulette tips to win, then there are more hints for you:

  • Movies can increase people’s interest in gambling and they can also present some interesting betting strategies to try. For instance, The James Bond Strategy is a perfect decision for those players who aren’t interested in wasting too much time playing and only want to try their luck for a short period of time. To try this Roulette wheel strategy, you have to make three bets 200$ worth in total. Set 140$ on 19 through 36, then but 50$ on 13 through 18, and finally – place a 10$ bet on zero. This system has pretty good odds but it doesn’t work from a long perspective: it’s better not to play it for too long;
  • The Andrucci system is inspired by the Chaos theory and physics: players who practise this strategy are convinced that every number should eventually be used in the game. Make notes: after a few dozens of spins, you will have enough information to predict where the ball is about to land next. You should stick to the number for at least 15 spins or before you win: it’s pretty likely that you will win the game.

The worst strategies to try

If you choose to play Roulette for free via online services, then you can try some of the less effective strategies – mostly to understand why gamblers don’t find them that great. These tips are known for being overly aggressive and risky, so they can make a lot of damage to your finances. It doesn’t mean that it’s impossible to win while using them – it’s just too much money you can lose while trying to succeed. Learn more about them in advance:

  • Most gamblers agree that The 666 System is the least effective one: though it covers lots of bets, it doesn’t make a big difference. The name of the system is easily explained: all the numbers of the traditional Roulette wheel make 666 in total, so there is no supernatural undertone there – at least it’s not placed there intentionally. The main idea is to bet on as many numbers as possible: it’s believed that it can increase the chances. In fact, most people using this strategy lose – so it’s not worth trying in a real gambling establishment;
  • Another strategy is based on the misconception that a player can find a special pattern allowing them to win: players using this system try to analyze the numbers to find a special design in how the ball will land. As you might understand, Roulette is random: though some wheels can be a bit biased, this issue is usually fixed quickly. A perfect fair game is only available when nothing interrupts the randomness of the ball – therefore, no real pattern can actually be found.

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