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Modern online gambling provides a huge range of opportunities and options to choose from: it’s full of amazing casino games that can entertain you for hours and also help you to win some cash. Pokies tend to be the most popular type of casino content: they are visually pleasing and attractive, they are easy to play, and they don’t require any special knowledge to succeed. While some gamblers practise Poker and other table games for years, casino slots are much simpler than that: with just a few buttons, you can spend your time well and also win a lot of money. Some people win impressive figures online – so it’s no surprise that slot machines are always loved and widely used in many casinos.
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One of the oldest kinds of gambling is the lottery: though some card games and board games can be considered pretty old as well, sports betting and lotteries were created even earlier.
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Though pokies are potentially profitable and can make you a rich person, there are also lots of free online slots that can’t help you to win even a dollar. These pokies don’t require any deposits but they aren’t for making money as well – so why do people love them? It’s easy to understand that a game with little gameplay that provides no chances to win real money is not a good option for everyone. Most gamblers expect to profit from casino games, so playing slots for free isn’t an option for them, but free slots are still extremely popular and loved by many players worldwide. These games have unique advantages that make them very special for players – and that’s why free slot games always make the best advertisement. Let’s learn more about free pokies and what’s so great about them!

Why do people love free casino pokies?

When a player is interested in playing casino pokies for the very first time, it’s pretty normal for them to start from popular free slots online. Gambling tends to have a pretty controversial reputation among non-gamblers: some people think that all online casinos are scammers, others are convinced that it’s almost impossible to win any money there. But non-gamblers still may have an interest in gambling, so they usually start from free games that require no deposits: it’s completely safe and allows players to feel protected and careless while playing. Though you can’t win anything while playing slots for free online, it’s still a great opportunity to have fun and get acquainted with basic gambling mechanics without any difficulties. Most online pokies are pretty similar: though different kinds of pokies have their specific features, most of the games have pretty similar mechanics and gameplay. For instance, most classic slots are similar, and the same goes with modern Video slots and 3D pokies. If you know how these pokies work, then every game of this genre will be easy but entertaining for you. Newcomers love free online slots because they allow players to learn more about games without spending a dollar: you can see what options you have while playing, experiment with bets and paylines, read about different bonus symbols at paytables, and simply try your luck. Free slot games are perfect for experimenting and entertainment, so you don’t have to pay anything for trying out new strategies and bets. Modern casino games have random number generators in them: this algorithm generates random results for casino pokies every time you click on the “Spin” button. This system is simple, fair and reliable: it guarantees that every casino player will receive equal chances to succeed with all other players. Newcomers who feel a bit suspicious about casino games start from free slots to get used to these games, to try out the mechanics and to make sure that everything is fair and works fine. Free slot games aren’t more generous or promising than the “real” ones: it’s pretty possible to lose every free credit you have there, and it’s also possible to win the maximum of credits too. Like in most casino games, the higher your bet is – the bigger your chances to win are: online free slots can demonstrate this mechanism a lot, so it’s often recommended to play some slots for free before trying out “real” pokies.

Why free pokies are only available online?

Though modern online gambling is much more popular and available for most players, lots of people still compare online casinos with land-based ones a lot: a land-based gambling establishment is often seen as an example of a good and reliable casino because it seems more “real” and “fair”. In reality, land-based casinos usually have lower RTP rates and don’t offer any higher chances to anyone: it’s much more expensive to operate a “real” service because of the building, slot machines, stuff, and lots of other expenses require a lot of money. It’s definitely not free to operate an online casino but it’s much cheaper, so casino owners can afford to pay more. That’s why lots of online services are more generous and giving: it’s easier for an online casino to pay more, and it’s also an important thing to do because it’s the best advertisement for most online casinos. The land-based casinos don’t have free slots to play at all and it’s not because free slot games are bad: “real” casinos simply don’t have space or time to waste on players who don’t pay. Online casinos can fit thousands of gamblers playing simultaneously while it’s impossible for most “real” services (maybe, except the biggest ones). Free players would take place and time – and they could be spent on other gamblers who are willing to make deposits – so land-based casinos aren’t interested in buying slot machines with some free slot games on them. On the other hand, online casinos don’t have to waste anything: they can just invite lots of clients and offer lots of slots for free online because they’re fun and make great advertisements. If you’re into harmless gambling that can’t affect your budget, then it’s a great option for you: you won’t take anyone’s place, and you might be interested in playing “real” slots afterwards. Of course, there are much fewer free online slots than the paid ones: most casino software developers create only “real” games because they are profitable and popular. But some slots are free because it’s a great trial version that can help players to understand what to expect from the full version of a game they like. Learn more about special symbols and look through the paytable – and then you’re ready to try a full version of your favourite slots!

What is important to know about free casino games

You already know that free online slot games have lots of advantages: they are safe, entertaining and provide perfect practice to those who just start their gambling adventure. At the same time, not all casino games that are claimed to be free slots are actually safe: there are still some features you should always check in advance. Though most free online slot games are absolutely harmful, it always depends on the service you choose to play. Sometimes a free slot game becomes an issue, so you should never pick games that require:
Your email address.

Of course, not every online casino will use it to steal your personal information or compromise you in any way but it still can spam you with countless emails and ads. No free slots require emails to work: all games are available right from the web pages they’re located at, and you don’t have to give your name or any other personal information to continue;

Pop-ups and other ads.

Free online slots aren’t free because you watch ads - they’re just trial versions of games you might want to try for real money later. Therefore, you don’t have to struggle and break your way through dozens of annoying pop-ups to play. Like usual ads, pop-ups want you to misclick and visit the pages you don’t actually need - so it’s always better to choose another website to play instead of clicking at the cross button for the twentieth time;


Of course, every online casino wants more clients: though the company allows you to play slots for free, it’s not because it’s generous but mostly because it wants you to become more interested in other casino games presented on the website. Of course, you don’t have to register to play a slot for free: this is just a manipulation, so it’s better for you to leave the website and look for more free games. A good free slot game should make you want to register but not vice versa;


Casino games aren’t that big or complicated - and that’s why lots of popular services present thousands of them to choose from. You don’t have to download any additional software to play these games: it’s not only unnecessary but also potentially dangerous because sometimes you download things you don’t want to have on your computer.

Free Slots FAQ

Slot games aren’t that complicated: it’s pretty easy to understand how they work quickly. At the same time, newcomers often have some questions about playing slot games for free because it’s hard for them to believe that anything connected with casinos can be actually free. There are some frequently asked questions based on free slots and casinos, and you might find it useful to read the answers:
Of course, not every online platform is based on free slots: they are usually just an addition to an impressive games collection presented on a website. Not every casino website has free slots at all: some services don’t want to waste their time and effort on players who don’t pay in the first place, so it might take some time to find a decent service to play. But most popular websites usually allow users to try slot games for free: these pokies attract new potential customers and make it easier for casinos to attract non-gamblers and make them involved. Therefore, start your search from the biggest casino websites that have huge reputations and lots of positive reviews.
Most popular casino games have their free sot versions: many famous games made by popular casino software providers can be found there. There are far fewer free slots than paid ones but it’s still enough to entertain everyone: most popular slots don’t require your money to enjoy them. These pokies also can become your opportunity to practise before playing their paid versions later.
A free slot game is almost identical to a “real” one: both versions have similar RTP rates, bonus symbols, design, interface, visual effects, and your chances to win at free online slot games and paid ones are the same. Though some players might think that free slots are deliberately created easier to win to fool potential clients, it’s far from reality: free slot games are tested regularly by independent specialists to make sure that everything works fine.
Nowadays most gamblers prefer mobile and convenient gadgets to play casino pokies: a smartphone is always with you, so it’s much easier to use it instead of spending hours in front of your personal computer. While some casinos create special apps for mobile gadgets, others adapt their websites to make them suitable for smartphones and tablets: in both cases, you achieve a perfect opportunity to enjoy slots for free wherever you are. You can also look through Google Play or AppStore to find some free casino games: some unique apps are created especially for smartphone users and they don’t have “real” original games. Make sure that the “free” casino app you download doesn’t require any in-game donations: sometimes casino games that won’t bring you any real winnings still want your money to work.
It’s true that pokies don’t require as much experience or skills as some table games do: there are usually no special betting strategies or secret knowledge that can guarantee any success, so even a newcomer can sometimes become a lucky winner. At the same time, free games are perfect for players who want to understand the paytables better, who want to know more about in-game mechanics, bonus symbols, paylines, and other important features that can make you a good player. Also, free games can help you to find games with the best graphics designs, effects, sounds, and themes – and that’s also important for players who want to have some fun!

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