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The lottery has always been an extremely popular type of gambling: people excited by the opportunity to win lots of money have been buying lottery tickets for centuries all over the world. The simplicity of this game makes it extremely suitable and comfortable for most gamblers and allows newbies to join the gambling world: it takes you only to buy a ticket to take part in a draw. No special knowledge or skills required: almost everyone can be the one who wins a huge jackpot and becomes a person who can make all their dreams come true!

There are many gamblers in Canada: just like in any other country, players dream of winning lots of money and being able to buy everything they have ever wanted. It’s no surprise that the lotto is popular in different parts of the country such as Quebec: there are a few companies providing quality lotteries in this region. One of the most famous companies there is Loto-Québec: this company’s website was created in 1998 and it has a huge experience in the gambling business. Most casual gamblers living in Quebec can buy a ticket there: lotto 649 has already become very famous and popular.

What you should know about Loto-Québec

The lottery is a game that manages to stay popular for a really long time: though this game’s results are completely random and a person’s chance to win there is pretty small, there are always millions of people all over the world buying lottery tickets to win. Unlike many other gambling games, the lottery is aimed mostly at the result but not the process: though players might feel excitement while waiting for results, it’s not a game where players can somehow interact with anything or influence their chances. Therefore, the best lottery is the one that is fair, easy to understand and buy. You should also be able to buy tickets easily and to have an opportunity to check them on time too. That’s why modern lottery lovers like using online lotteries that much: it’s convenient, it’s fast and it’s comfortable too.

Lotto Quebec results can be easily found online as well: the online service exists for more than 20 years now and knows how important it is for players to know their results on time. Almost every gambling platform has its pros and cons: every gambling platform tries to find a balance between making money and providing a quality service to players. It’s easy to understand that a platform that exists for more than 20 years has its audience, so there are definitely some advantages and disadvantages worth knowing about. There are some of the main features of Loto-Québec:

  • The service has fifty-four international lotteries a player can find on the website: there are a few popular ones (for instance, Lotto 649 Quebec and Lotto Max Quebec) and multiple small local lotteries that usually don’t have any big jackpots;
  • The service allows users to see Lotto Quebec latest results online: you can visit the service to find out your Lotto Max results Quebec or results of any other lottery;
  • Loto-Québec only allows its customers to use credit cards and to pay in Canadian dollars. This limitation narrows down customers’ opportunities a lot because most modern gambling services have multiple banking options available;
  • The service has a very old school approach to the lottery: they don’t use the betting system and allow their users to guess numbers instead;
  • The service offers no bonuses or promotions to their clients, and there are no loyalty programs as well. Loto-Québec is plain and simple: they provide you with the lottery and almost nothing else;
  • Though the service has a very simplistic approach, it still has a mobile app for its clients: you can download the app on your iOS or Android device to stay tuned and check lotto results on time;
  • As you can understand from its name, Loto-Québec is only available for people with a physical address there. The service can be followed in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube;
  • In situations when you need to contact a support service you should use the email [email protected] or a phone number you can find on the official website. There is no support service chat available on the website;
  • The service claims to be licensed but it’s no available info about its license: though most gamblers wouldn’t trust a casino without a license, it’s hard to imagine this organization working for so long without being licensed by any special associations;
  • One of the best features of Loto-Québec is that all your potential winnings are tax-free: if you’re lucky enough to win, then no one will try to take a bit from your money. The minimum deposit is also more than affordable: the service doesn’t limit your deposits and the cheapest lottery ticket you can buy there costs only $0,50.


Loto-Québec is an old-school gambling platform only for people living in Quebec. The service is very simple and minimalistic and provides access to many lotteries including a few international lotteries and multiple local ones. This gambling platform allows users to buy lotto tickets online and check the results: the website doesn’t have a support service or notifications but you can download a mobile app on your mobile gadgets. You can only pay via your credit card but there is no tax and no deposit limitations.

The casino is definitely not for everyone: it’s not because it’s limited to be used only by people living in Quebec but also because it provides a very narrow range of features. At the same time, the website has existed for more than 20 years and is pretty famous among gamblers of Quebec.

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