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Slots can be found in every casino: both online and offline gambling establishments use them to entertain their clients and to give them an opportunity to win some money while playing beautifully designed and catchy games. Casino slot machines are extremely recognizable and popular worldwide, and even non-gamblers who are suspicious about gambling can sometimes be interested in playing them. Pokies are designed to be appealing: most of them have good visual effects and sounds, they have mechanics making them more entertaining and attractive, and it’s often pretty hard to stop playing them. Pokies appear in many movies, ads and other media, so it’s easy to associate these gambling machines with winning a lot of money.

Though some people are just into the process of playing slots because it’s relaxing and gives an exciting feeling of getting closer to your dreams of becoming rich, others are mostly interested in how to win slot machines and get real money. Many people from different countries are searching for information on how to win at slots: even though gambling is based on random chances and unpredictable results, people still want to influence the process to increase the possibility of winning. There are a few options players can use to succeed while playing the best slots, and knowing how to do it right can actually take you closer to your dreams. Though pokies’ gameplay is pretty simple and it’s hard to influence your chances, gamblers want to know how to win at slots and what strategies are legit.

Of course, there are no slot tops that can guarantee you win a lot of money: all of them are mostly about increasing your chances a bit, but your success only depends on your luck. To play slot machines better, you should remember these tips:

  • The first thing a player can do to succeed is to choose the best slot machines to play. Nowadays slot games presented in land-based and online casinos are unique: though they all have similar game mechanics, there are a few core feature making them different and therefore less or more rewarding. One of the crucial features of pokies is RTP which stands for Return To Player. In general, a pokie is programmed in a specific way that allows the game to leave some money that players deposit to a casino and to give the rest back. It doesn’t mean that an RTP of 95% guarantees a player that they will have exactly 95% of their money back: players’ chances are always random. But it means that every 5% of users’ deposits go to the casino while other money can be returned in winnings. RTP rates show players how generous some slots are, so it makes sense to choose only games with higher rates. Also, players should remember that land-based casinos usually have lower RTPs than online ones: casual real casino have to pay more to service and operate their business, so they require more money from players. Therefore, the most successful strategy is to choose the best slots with high RTP rates and to play them online;
  • Winning at slots requires practise: that’s why many players enjoy free pokies that are available on most casino websites. There are many newcomers who start playing pokies without a basic understanding of how it works: they don’t understand how to change bets or pay lines, they don’t know how jackpots work and why they do or don’t win. It’s not a good approach because it only leads to disappointment and failure. It’s always important to learn more about a pokie before playing for real money, and that’s why free games are so popular. They aren’t made for winning money: no casino would allow a player to win money without spending a dollar. At the same time, these games can give great practise and the best advertisement of casinos. Land-based gambling establishments can’t afford free slot machines because it’s not profitable: a free player takes place of someone who can help a casino to make money. Online services don’t have such a problem, so it’s easy for new players to have a good practice there;
  • You should read the paytable carefully before playing slots. First of all, it allows players to understand more about games they are about to play: some pokies have wild and scatter symbols while others don’t, and their presence increases players’ chances to win a lot of money. Also, the understanding of what symbols can give you benefits improves the gambling process and makes a player more involved in a game – and that’s a great thing because most players have to spend a lot of time playing before they actually win a lot of money;
  • For people who want to win more frequently, the best slot machines are those with smaller jackpots. Most pokies are designed to make bigger jackpots less frequent and therefore more desirable: a casino never wants to lose a lot of money or to give it away easily. Most casinos can afford to lose smaller sums of money, so smaller jackpots are more often to get. Huge jackpots tend to attract a lot of attention: most people can’t resist seeing big figures and dream of winning the biggest prize, so they don’t often think about their chances to have it. Aim for smaller gifts – and your chances to win will increase;
  • Most experienced players suggest avoiding progressive jackpot pokies because of their comparatively low RTP rates. Huge winnings attract many players, so these pokies don’t often have great odds: it’s extremely easy to lose a lot of money there. Also, the biggest jackpot is usually available only for players betting the maximum, so it doesn’t make much sense to play progressive jackpots with relatively small or medium bets. But betting the max is expensive: it’s easy to waste a lot of money while being excited by these games;
  • Learn more about the volatility. Another feature every player should know before starting to play slots is their volatility or variance: some games aren’t that generous. Players usually distinct two types of pokies: low volatility slots and high volatility ones. Low volatility means that it’s easier to win there: these machines allow players to win smaller sums of money more frequently while high volatility pokies give winning combinations rarely but the jackpots are bigger. It’s up to every player what to choose, but if a player is interested in how to win more often, then low volatility is preferable;
  • Max wagers can increase your chances! Lots of pokies are designed in a specific way to encourage risky players: though it sometimes requires more money to spend, it can also bring you more in winnings appearing more often. If you choose between betting 1$ 5 times and betting 5$ one time, it’s usually better to choose the second option: though it shortens your game, it can be more rewarding. Some players enjoy the gambling process a lot and they are fond of long and less risky games: minimum bets are perfect for them. But players who are concentrated on winning should play slots with a bit higher risks to make gambling machines more generous;
  • Be ready to play for a long time before you actually win at slots. Even when you choose to pay more than minimum bets, it doesn’t mean that you’ll win soon. There are lots of players who play for a long time before winning a comparatively big sum of money, and there are lots of gamblers who stopped playing before making one more spin to win. Playing slots takes a lot of time: though you shouldn’t play too much because it may lead to gambling addiction, prepare to wait to avoid disappointment;
  • Some players have theories about more and less generous slot machines and how to find them. For instance, many players are convinced that pokies located in crowded places are more generous because people who win there attract new potential users to casinos. Also, some players are sure that machines located closer to the entrance are more generous as well because they also advertise the casino and its generous winnings;
  • Responsible gambling is key, so play slot casino games while remembering about the money you can afford to waste. There are lots of people who become nearly obsessed with gambling and waste too much money on it: a chain of bad life choices can ruin a person’s life, so every gambler should understand that gambling has high risks of losing, so it’s not reasonable to put everything you have on a stake. Most popular and influential online casinos always have a responsible gambling warning on their websites and links to special organizations helping people to cope with their gambling addiction, and also there are many services that can help players interested in blocking their own accounts to stop gambling. These blocks can be temporary or permanent: it depends on how serious the problem is. Therefore, a player should find the perfect balance between making money from gambling and losing it: sometimes it’s better not to rick too much to succeed;
  • Most players are convinced that simpler pokies are more rewarding, and it’s often true. There are many pokies attracting users with their special symbols, additional pay lines and complicated rules but all these features might lower the odds significantly.

Myths about how to play slots

There are also a lot of myths connected with winning that appear on the Internet or are discussed by gamblers in real life. While some of them at least have been created because of some evidence and misinterpretation of how casinos work, others have appeared out of nowhere and spread misbelieves among players. They won’t help you to find the best slots to play or to play slots better but they can misinform you and actually decrease your chances of winning. There are some of them:

  • Many players are convinced that you shouldn’t pick a slot machine if a previous player has won a lot of money there. They explain that machines can be “due to pay”, so a slot machine that has already given money recently won’t do that again before. Of course, it’s nonsense: gambling machines are created based on RGN and are completely random: there are no visible algorithms or systems of when and how it will pay next. Also, slots don’t have any memory that saves previous results, and it’s true for both real and online pokies. At the same time, a player should be careful while choosing an online slot to play: it’s always important to choose licensed and reliable casinos that don’t change slot games’ odds making them almost impossible for players to win. A reliable casino with a good reputation is the only thing that matters – not previous players and their success;
  • Don’t trust “secret slot tips and hacks” you see online. Some websites might try to convince you into buying their special hacks and cheats that can help you to hack the system and win thousands – but it’s not that easy to become a winner. Imagine being able to win thousands but giving the secrets away for a few dollars – it makes no sense! All the special tricks you find online are either illegal or not working – so it’s better to play fair and to choose more obvious and real but less promising than non-existing ways of playing;
  • Some players have conspiracy theories about casinos hitting a secret “killing switch” when a player is about to win. Of course, it’s fake: casinos that don’t allow their clients to win can easily lose all players and become bankrupt, and what’s more – no signs of such technologies have been found yet. Players should admit that random isn’t always kind;
  • Many gamblers know stories about “The One Friend” who wins all the time: these people are seen as either extremely skilled and experienced gamblers or players who know how to cheat without being caught. In reality, there are lots of small wins that are easy to forget about while bigger wins are always memorable. Also, some players tend to boast about their winnings that never happened. Therefore, don’t believe everything you hear: no one has privileges in gambling;
  • Using a loyalty card doesn’t actually decrease your chances to win. Many gamblers prefer to avoid using their special loyalty cards because they believe that these cards allow casinos to track their gambling history and minimize their chances. It’s not true: some people just have higher expectations while playing with their loyalty cards and become upset when they don’t win more often.

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